Learn about Blackballer and how enabling it can save you valuable time and money!

What is Blackballer?

Blackballer uses sophisticated machine learning to automatically block underperforming traffic for your campaigns, so you can quickly and profitably scale.

Blackballer will intelligently pause any channels and blacklist any sub-IDs and domains that have not received conversions after sufficient testing. When Blackballer is enabled, you should continue to optimize your campaign including optimizing channels, sub-IDs, and targets, and adjusting bids as necessary.

It's important to keep in mind that some of your targets may no longer be eligible for impressions depending on what Blackballer has intelligently blacklisted. For example, if Blackballer blacklists the Domain ebay.com and you're targeting ebay.com/shirts as a URL Target, this target will no longer be eligible for traffic.

NOTE: Blackballer will not blacklist or pause any channels, sub-IDs, or domains if your campaign has not recently fired any conversions to RTX Platform.

Enabling Blackballer for your campaigns

To enable Blackballer, sign into your RTX Platform account, click on the Pops Campaigns tab, and click into the campaign that you want to enable Blackballer for. You can also create a new campaign.

Under Campaign Settings, scroll down to the section titled Blackballer. If you do not have a pixel assigned and installed yet, you will need to do so in order to unlock Blackballer. We suggest also inputting a Default Conversion Amount in order to more easily optimize your campaigns on RTX Platform.


NOTE: You must assign and install a pixel to be eligible for Blackballer. If an RTX Platform pixel is not installed for your offer, Blackballer will not block underperforming traffic for your campaign.

You can allow Blackballer to pause channels, blacklist sub-IDs, and/or blacklist domains. Simply check the boxes next to what you would like Blackballer to automatically pause or blacklist and be sure to click SAVE CAMPAIGN at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: If you currently have Blackballer enabled and would like to turn it off for a particular campaign, simply check "Off" under the Blackballer section and then select SAVE CAMPAIGN at the bottom of the page.

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