Customize how your daily budget is spent, which will also determine how impressions are distributed throughout the day.

NOTE: Express Speed is how campaigns normally spent before Delivery Speed was released on 6/13/17. Campaigns with Express Speed will not spend differently than they did prior to 6/13/17.

Using Paced Speed

Paced Speed evenly spreads your daily budget throughout the day, so your impressions are served all day long. Paced Speed is the default Delivery Speed setting for new campaigns.

Spending your daily budget with Paced Speed

NOTE: To use Paced Speed, you must enter a daily budget.

Paced Speed will distribute impressions evenly throughout the day in an attempt to reach your daily budget. Reaching your daily budget is not guaranteed if your campaign is not optimized to receive enough volume for your budget.

TIP: Paced Speed is recommended for campaigns that consistently reach their daily budgets. If you're having trouble reaching your daily budget, choose Express Speed instead of Paced Speed and try these best practices to increase volume.

Applying custom dayparting with Paced Speed

Paced Speed is a great way to find insights that you can use to optimize your dayparting schedule. By looking at performance for each hour of the day over the course of several days, you might notice trends where certain hours of the day consistently drive the most conversions. With this information, you can customize your dayparting schedule so your campaign only runs during the most profitable hours, then raise your bids to get more high-converting traffic.

NOTE: If you have a custom dayparting schedule, your impressions will be evenly distributed according to the schedule and will not receive impressions when the campaign is not scheduled to run.

Using Paced Speed to reach new audiences

If you consistently reach your daily budget, your campaign stops running before the day is over. That means you could be missing out on conversions from potential customers who go online later in the day.

Using Express Speed

With Express Speed, your campaign will compete for every impression it's eligible for.

Spending your daily budget with Express Speed

Express Speed will attempt to spend as quickly as possible. If you set a daily budget with Express Speed, you could reach your daily budget before the end of the day, which would prevent your campaign from running until the next day.

TIP: Express Speed is recommended for campaigns that consistently do not spend their daily budgets or have unlimited daily budgets.

Increasing volume with Express Speed

If you're looking to increase your campaign's volume, Express Speed will ensure that your campaign competes for every eligible impression. Using Express Speed without a daily budget will limit the possibility your ads will stop showing due to budget constraints.

Using Express Speed to market a timely offer

Express Speed is a great way to "blast" your message out as quickly as possible. For example, if you're promoting a one-day flash sale, you can use Express Speed with an unlimited daily budget to show your ads to as many users as possible during your flash sale.

Customizing Delivery Speed

Follow the steps below to customize your campaign's Delivery Speed.

  1. Log into your RTX Platform account.

  2. Click Pops at the top of the page to navigate to the Pops Overview page.

  3. Navigate to your campaign's Targets dashboard by clicking the campaign from the All Campaigns dashboard (If it's listed as a Top Campaign on your Overview page, you can click the campaign link from there, too).

  4. Click the Campaign Settings tab from any dashboard page within your campaign, then scroll down the the Budgeting section and click Show Options.

  5. In the Delivery Speed section, choose either Paced Speed or Express Speed.

  6. Click Save Campaign at the bottom of the page to apply your changes.

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