Learn about traffic sources called sub-IDs and how to optimize them for better performance.

What are sub-IDs?

The traffic RTX Platform delivers to your Pops campaigns comes from many different sources. Each source is represented by a unique code called a sub-ID. You can track sub-ID performance, then use blacklisting to customize which sub-IDs you'd like to receive traffic from.

What is the difference between channels and sub-IDs?

RTX Platform works with many different channel partners to deliver traffic to your Pops campaigns. Channels can consist of several different traffic sources, which are called sub-IDs.

Performance can vary by channel and sub-ID. Channels affect how your ad is served, so users may see ads more frequently on certain channels than on other channels. Sub-IDs represent the type of traffic. For example, some sub-IDs may serve your ads on URL-shortened links, like bit.ly.

Learn more about channels.

How can I use sub-IDs to optimize my campaigns?

Install a conversion pixel to track conversion rates and profit for each sub-ID in RTX Platform's comprehensive reporting suite, or append the {subid} macro to your creative URLs to pass sub-ID data to your tracking platform.

Once you've collected enough sub-ID data, you can identify the low-converting sub-IDs and add them as blacklisted sub-IDs to prevent your campaign(s) from receiving traffic from those sub-IDs.

TIP: Increase conversions with Blackballer! Blackballer intelligently pauses any channels and blacklists any sub-IDs and domains that have not received conversions after sufficient testing. Enable Blackballer on your campaign’s Settings page. Learn more.

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