Blacklist low-performing IPs to ensure you are getting the best traffic for your offer.

IP blacklisting applies to all of your Push campaigns. When you add an IP address to your blacklist, none of your Push campaigns will serve impressions to that IP.

TIP: Install a conversion pixel to track conversion rates and profit for each IP in RTX Platform's comprehensive reporting suite, or append the {ip} macro to your creative URLs to pass IP data to your tracking platform.

How can I add IPs to my blacklist?

Follow these steps to block traffic from specific IP addresses across all of your Push campaigns:

  1. Log into your RTX Platform account.

  2. Click Push at the top of the page, then click Blacklist in the secondary navigation bar.

  3. Click the Add Blacklisted IPs button, then enter each IP address you'd like to exclude from all of your Push campaigns (one IP per line).

  4. When you're finished, click the Add Global Blacklisted IPs button to apply the Blacklisted IPs to all of your Push campaigns.

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