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Optimize your advertising campaigns
Optimize your advertising campaigns

Learn tips and tricks for how to use features on the platform and optimize your advertising campaigns.

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Can I get personalized optimization tips?
Optimize for your unique campaign goals
Top performing verticals and offer types
What geos get the most volume on RTX Platform?
Can I target or exclude specific types of traffic?
Target or exclude certain Pops traffic with Platform & Device Targets
Target or exclude traffic from specific device models
Adjusting your volume with the Potential Daily Reach indicator
Using the Suggested Base Bid for optimal volume on new campaigns
How to boost your conversions with Conversion Boost℠: Quality Tiers℠
Whitelist and blacklist certain traffic with Audience Filters
Block impressions from specific domains with Blacklisted Domains
Campaign Blacklisted Domains overview
Global Blacklisted Domains overview
Restrict campaigns to specific domains with Whitelisted Domains
Block impressions from specific IPs with Blacklisted IPs
Sub-ID overview
Block traffic from specific sub-IDs with Blacklisted Sub-IDs
Restrict traffic to specific sub-IDs with Whitelisted Sub-IDs
Estimate bid competition to place better bids
Update bids to the Smart Bid
Why are my Smart Bids so high?
Pops traffic channels overview
Track traffic channel performance
Optimize traffic channel performance
Bulk edit multiple traffic channels on Pops
Customize Delivery Speed to pace volume and budgets
Best practices for high volume keywords/targets
Find new sites to target on Pops
Wildcard characters on Pops
Adjust bids incrementally or apply a set bid amount
Why is my target "Low Volume"?
Bulk edit creative URLs within a campaign